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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Chest milk

Chest milk Researches proved the opposite.

These children actually spend less energy and better breathe during feeding by a breast, instead of from a small bottle.

Chest milk contains less salts, than mixes, and it is better for children with heart diseases.

Recommendations which we gave on premature de's chest feeding ty, it is possible to carry and to children with heart diseases to feed gradually and often, in case of need to use the device for an additional food and, the main thing to show a lot of patience.

Children with a Down syndrome Our seventh son, Stephen, was born with a Down syndrome.

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Stage third. If some

Stage third. If some If is not present, exclude from a diet the following suspicious products, then pass to the third stage.

Stage third.

If some or all signs of concern disappeared, check result, again having tried suspicious food.

If signs of harmful effects of this food come back during h, temporarily refuse it.

Though mothers often show uncommon abilities of a detective, repeated return of food to the menu reduces mistake possibility.

You love the child and suffer, when to it is sick, you are inclined quickly at the decision on harm for it a certain product, and it sometimes deprives of it valuable nutrients without any need.

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Future child

Future child Firstborn greasing the white zhirovidny substance protecting skin of a fruit in a uterus is formed.

During this period at future kid formation of immune system comes to an end.

The ego means that now it can be protected from some infections.

He already is able to suck a finger and to swallow of okoloplodny waters, to play an umbilical cord.

At the baby eyes are slightly slightly opened, and he already watches the mother.

Future child is very active.

It can react to external sounds.

! Length of a fruit cm, weight g.

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At the attentive

At the attentive In the first months of life the central nervous system, the mechanisms regulating breath schemes patterns of a dream awakenings, are imperfect and are as though spread out.

Careful care of the child helps complete adjustment of all its physiological systems, including breath mechanism see page about regulating impact on an organism of the child of a method of rapprochement with formation of indissoluble communications between parents and children.

At the attentive relation to the child at parents his radar chuvstvovaniye develops really.

Once, when I sat at work, the call unexpectedly sounded, calling me in traumatologic office of hospital where brought the month's child with respiratory standstill.

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Fourth step. Surgical

Fourth step. Surgical If ear diseases proceed, pass to the third step.

Third step.

Try to carry out course treatment by supporting An .

If you still have to visit often the doctor in connection with ear diseases at the kid, there is the last step.

Fourth step.

Surgical intervention with introduction of tubes.

Whether your child hears as it to check These elementary supervision will help you to check, whether your kid hears.

If on the majority of questions you have a negative answer, it zna that you need to address to the doctor for research of hearing of the child.

Age Supervision From the birth Child.

till months Shudders or blinks from neozhithis noise Ceases to cry, when you talk Ceases to suck, when you talk It seems, learns your voice Wakes up from zvu, and not just of cradle fluctuation months Turn goa lovka on your voice Learns and reacts to your voice Smiles, when to it address Coos, when you speak months Are arranged under music Turns goa lovka in search of a sound source Murmurs many time ny sounds Whether expresses razny sounds various requirements months Turn around, kogda call to him behind Who turns naked to that at the table Simulates your sounds Becomes more attentive during conversation months Answer on no, father, mother speaks Turns to familiar subjects or people when them call by name Understands Throw a ball Runs to a door when you speak to go About Waves at parting a hand when you speak goodbye, without accompanying the words the corresponding gesture months Tell at least words Sometimes repeats your questions Shows less and says pain sounds and words, than at the previous stage Follows yours ukato zaniye, not especially peering to you into the person when you say them Be attentive to that the child is chained to your person, during conversation, probably, he reads on lips The help to the child at an ear pain at night At doctors and parents such a profession that especially you will not have a sleep.

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Parents have

Parents have And from this a gatelny storm the head can begin to spin.

Parents have its usually dual feelings on irritations and pity pity because that them is so nonstandard that, perhaps, it is simple illness manifestation; an irritation scum that is not possible to be near it all the time.

He does not know that such relaxation, roofing felt to only when goes to bed.

Time of its dream it is uniform stvenny time when mother with the father restore SI and arrange a small respite in infinite educational war in which constantly send the fire of morals and reproaches.

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In colostrum

In colostrum Immunization by milk.

In colostrum the highest maintenance of leukocytes and antibodies, and colostrum is developed during this period lives, when own protective possibilities at the child the lowest.

One more perfect communication.

Colostrum can be considered as the first immunization of the child.

To understand, how there is an immunization as a result of a food of heaps ny milk, will look that the important member of team of antibodies an antibody does in intestines of the child And.

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